Aunt Gouri, Aandiyathu home and London

The main 2 reasons why we left to India early were;
                                - Aunt Gouri’s marriage
                                - Housewarming of our new home

These 2 things happened in just 1 week.

Aunt Gouri’s marriage was FUNtastic! This means fun and fantastic.

Me, Dad and Gopichan were standing down at the front of the hall, receiving guests. Mom was with Geethama, helping aunt Gouri to put on her makeup.

The sadya was great and all our relatives were there. My cousins Kunjunni, Kunjichechi, Savithri, Shanku, Madhavan and Keshavan were also there. My cousins and I went up to a balcony which was in the hall itself and we sat there comfortably and watched everything.

Though I was kind of disappointed that since I was sitting at the balcony I would not be able to throw flower petals…………  But in any case, the marriage was a blast!!!!!!!!!!!

We did our flat’s housewarming that following week and then after some weeks our house was fully furnished and looking cute and cozy.  And by the way, house- warming does not mean to warm up the house! It means to do pujas and pray that we will all be safe and happy in our new home. 

We named our house “Aandiyathu” after our ancestral home in Thodupuzha.

After marriage Aunt Gouri went to London with Uncle Ashwin because that is where Uncle works.

We also went to London and stayed there for almost a month when I was younger. Uncle Sujesh (Kochakka) was working there so we stayed with him.  I even celebrated my 6th birthday there.

We saw Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and lots more. We spent 3 days on an island called Isle of Wight.  It was awesome. 

We went to Windsor Studios where you can dress as a princess and have your photo taken.

Since it has been some years since we went to London, I do not remember everything clearly. So one day I asked Dad whether he could take me to London again. He replied “When you are older and have a job, you can take me there instead!”  So that means he can wait for the next 15 years till I get a job.


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