Mom's friends

“Ring ring……….ring.’’

Mom picked the phone and spoke into it. “Hello, who is this? ………Sreedevi??!!!  Is that really you? Ok fine we will be there in a minute!!”

Mom put down the phone and looked at me with excitement. The next thing I knew, I was on my feet and was sent flying to the bedroom to change.

When we were waiting outside the flat to catch an auto rickshaw I asked Mom what had happened. She said that her old college friends Sreedevi and Susan were waiting for her at Oberon mall.  

At Oberon Mall, Aunt Sreedevi and Aunt Susan were waiting for Mom with open hands. Mom hugged them happily.

I was very happy to meet Aunt Sreedevi, because she is a regular reader of my blog and keeps sending me encouraging comments.

Aunt Susan’s children’s names were Steve and Stan. Steve is in the 7th grade while Stan in the first grade, they live in Kuwait. Aunt Sreedevi also had 2 children, Pooja and Tarun.

Pooja and I chatted a lot and I learnt that she is in the 8th grade. Her brother was in second grade. She lives in Texas so I asked her a lot of questions: Is there a cafeteria in your school? Are there Talent shows? Are the kids there nice?

I know a lot about American schools through books and movies, and I got to know even more about them with Pooja’s help.

All the mothers sat in a group and chatted. We had chicken and ice-cream there.

We came back home, beaming, happy and with our tummies round.


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