A sandy day

“Janu! Janu! Wake up!” I opened my eyes and stared at Mom groggily. “Get up” mom urged me. “Remember we have to go to the farm.”

Helped by my mother I got up and blinked until the room came into focus. I stared at my parent’s bed, Dad had already gotten up. I washed my face and sleepwalked into the living room. One hour later we were ready to go to the farm.

One of uncle Loy friends worked in farm and we were looking forward, especially me, to see all the cow, goat and sheep since I love animals. Most of my compound friends were coming too along with Melvin and his elder brother Milan.

To my joy Alana and Niharika climbed into our car (I hate sitting alone) and we sped off.
As we went further we saw the hanging bridge of Riyadh and the beautiful view of mountains on both sides.

Later when we reached the fields which spread out like a green carpet, my eyes caught a strange figure in the middle. It was a scare-crow! It had an Arabic dress and a scarf as its head.  We giggled and pointed silently. We got out of the car, stretched out our arms and took in the fresh, minty air.

We walked towards the path leading to the farmhouse, only that it did not look like a house. It had tree trunks for support and looked majestic.

After settling our things, me, Niharika, Alana and all the aunts went for a walk while the boys played cricket. Dad also accompanied us with his camera.

There were many trees of all kinds such as orange, lemon, guava etc. with fruits. As we moved further we saw the animals. There were sheep, goat, hen, duck and turkey. Goats kept bleating and hens kept going cock-doodle-doo. It was a complete mad house.

Everybody started getting into the cars.  We were just going for a drive and few minutes later there was a beautiful desert on our left side! We stopped there and gazed at the huge sand dunes and then started climbing them. It was not easy.

We had lots of fun. When we reached the top we sat down and slid to the ground. We dug our fingers inside the sand, where it was cool. Our shoes were filled with sand our pockets felt a bit heavy due to the fine and smooth sand inside.

After having our lunch we headed back home. It was a wonderful day.


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