D for Diwali

Click!” went the lighter as I lit a diya.

“Next me!’’ squealed Talha, my friend. “Careful Talha” I warned him.

“Don’t burn your fingers and you are only 8.”  “Don’t worry. Trust me, I can do it safely.” said young Talha.  

“Sometimes we really can’t trust you Talha” said Nichiket. “Like remember when you promised us you wouldn’t scare Whitey the dove by going near it? But you still did it in front of our very eyes.”  “Well this time I won’t do anything like that.” promised Talha.
It was Diwali and me, Talha, Ayesha, Niharika and Nichiket, my friends were lighting the diyas my dad had bought from the store. “Can I go next, Janaki?” asked Ayesha   “You are more 2 years younger than Talha so better ask my mom.” I replied. She was the youngest and mostly asked me questions and stayed with me everyday when we played because I am the only one who makes her understand and protects her from teasing boys and other things. 

“I hate to be the youngest” complained Ayesha.  “Well, sometimes it is fun to be the youngest” I admitted.  

“That diya’s fire has gone out” Niharika, the eldest among us pointed out. “I will light it” I said. I took it and its molten wax liquid went on my finger. “That’s hot” I said and wiped the wax on my pants. Then my mom went to off the light outside. Now with all the diyas shinning together it looked really pretty.

I moved a few steps back. “Ouch!” I had stepped on Nichiket’s foot. “Sorry” I apologized as Nichiket rubbed his foot.   

”When will we go to Raja’s party?” Ayesha asked, it was the 100th time she was asking that question.  Since Raja & Rohini arranged a Diwali party at their place we were all excited.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the party.


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