Exciting weeks

I totally regret for saying that Riyadh was boring. Because the last few weeks were full of fun, fun and fun!!!

There was a Kappa–and–Kozhi party, a barbecue party, the trip to the farmhouse and the trip to the bakery (which you already know about) and goodness knows about all the other parties I have been to.

First let me tell you about the bar-b-q party.

The barbecuing was to start at 9:00pm, but me and my parents had to go out so when we arrived at 9:30, a few people were already crowded around the grill. Some of the ladies were sitting in the chairs and talking. Few uncles were handling the barbecue. There was a table loaded with Pepsi, 7up, salad and some chewing- gum. It was the first time I had ever seen chewing gum on these kinds of parties.  

The chicken was yummy! There were also chicken pieces on stick, and some people ate 2 or 3 of them because they were really tasty. 

Niharika did not touch the chicken. When we asked her she told us that she had stopped eating chicken, and I forgot the reason why. So she gave her chicken to her mother.
We played 2 games of UNO. In the first game I was the 2nd winner and in the second game the first winner. As Nichiket said, I was a kind of a genius in UNO. You could bet I was proud when he said that.

The kappa-and-kozhi curry party was just as nice. The chief chef was uncle Rajan and his assistant was uncle Loy. Both were funny while preparing the food. All the others watched.

But I am really sad today. The winter holidays are over and I have to go to school tomorrow. Even Nichiket who adored school is now groaning that he doesn’t want to go because of these exciting weeks.


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