Al Rashed Bakery - Factory visit

“Fine then” elders said, they were all sitting in a circle together. “Tomorrow we will all meet at 9:30 in the morning “

We did know what they were talking about. 

All the people in the compound (except Talha and Ayesha) were going to visit the factory of Al Rashed Bakery.  Uncle Rajan working there and he is a big manager. I heard they make bread products and I love bread so I was looking forward to go there.

I had a lovely dream that night too, that I was flying in the sky with my arms spread out. I guess that is because I always wanted to fly, just like Peter Pan.

“Dress fast!”  Mom told me in the morning. I groaned. I was still too sleepy to dress. “Fine” Mom said “then stay at home” I muttered under my breath and changed because I wanted to see the factory.

Soon we all were ready to go to the factory.  Nichiket and Niharika climbed into my car because uncle Sunil had to go to office.

It was a merry journey. Soon we reached the factory. We had to wear hair nets to prevent our hair from falling into the dough. But before we saw everything, there was a magnificent breakfast waiting for us. We really couldn’t wait to eat.  

The factory was interesting. We also saw the making of ice-cream cones and tasted them too. The dough was kept in huge cart and looked soft.

But the machines were the main things I liked the most. The most interesting part was when the dough came near the machine it was chopped to several pieces. Then there was something which made them round as they rolled and then later sprinkled with flour. It was fast and really soft too and we played with a small piece of the round dough.

There are many rooms in the factory but the room we liked the most was the chiller room. It was minus 20 degrees and smoke came out of our mouths. Brrr!

Then we saw how tortillas were made and when the tortillas were kept in the chiller room it became like a rock. Because we banged on them too!

Later uncle Rajan gave us a gift packet. We peeped inside the cover, and found out bread and buns made by his factory! That’s what I have been having for breakfast for some days now!


  1. HEYY..... really nice work kid! keep it up! looking forward to more posts!!!
    Ramon Dharma Rajan

  2. Thanks Ramon.

    How is college going?
    How is Ramya?


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