D for Diwali - Party

I will now continue with the happenings of Diwali party:-

After playing we had gone home, Raja and Rohini came to each of our house and this is what they said “Meet at the ground in 10 minutes for the bursting of firecrackers.”

But we all started to dress at the speed of a race car and reached the ground in 3 minutes!

After checking everybody had arrived, Raja & Rohini’s dad announced that due to the death of Prince Sultan, noisy firecrackers wouldn’t be used. We just nodded our heads; we didn’t care about anything, but just wanted to start bursting crackers. 

The firecrackers were superb. First, there was this type of cracker that sent sparks up like a fountain, then those types which we can hold in our hand. Another would spin and then fly into the air (which was totally cool) but then one of them instead of flying targeted forward and almost hit Raja who was in front. So that was the end of spinning-and-flying cracker. There was a long magic wand like cracker, the type which we have to hold. And from that sparks would keep shooting into the sky. (Wow!J)

After the firecrackers everybody headed for Rohini’s house. Outside their house there was a buffet waiting for us all. It looked grand and none of us could wait to eat. So we fidgeted.

When it was time to eat we all rushed out of the house got our plate and started loading them with all kinds of delicious food. And for desert we had ras malai.

It was one of the best parties ever.

Wish you a belated happy  Diwali.


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