Wednesday Surprise

‘’Look at this poor thing.’’ Uncle Joshi said to me, patting a dove that was on his hands. It seemed to be sitting comfortably.

 I stroked its head. It was very soft and that too a beautiful white dove, with dark black eyes.

Uncle had found it in the street. It was the victim of a cat. The cat was aiming at it, ready to strike, but uncle rescued the frightened dove, and brought it to the compound. He had shown it to us. I and my friends, Nichiketh and Albin were most astonished.

I was eager to show the dove to my parents, so I took it out of uncle’s hands and made it settle down. Then, after Albin took a picture of it sitting on my hands, I and Nichiketh went off.

Mom and Dad were just as astonished. By looking at their faces, I could understand their question, what was a dove doing in my hands?

I told what happened. Then Dad told me to put it down so that we could see wheather the dove could fly or not.

I put it down. It tried to fly but could not. It just fell down. I became surprised. Had the cat harmed it? It didn’t seem to be hurt.

But my parents had other ideas. They simply thought it was ill. But the rest of us didn’t believe them.

That day it slept inside the basket which was on the bathtub of an unused toilet inside our home. But we moved it today away. All you need is to look inside the bathtub. It was full of droppings. Thankfully, we had told Nichiketh that it needed a new home. So he found a perfect place for the bird. It was an old hen-coop. There used to be some hens before, but now empty. There is even a lock. So I decided it was okay.

Our parents thought the same thing too. So we put the bird inside it and filled 2 bowls with grains and water. I guess Mom’s happy she got rid of the bird and you know why.

There are still some more interesting things that the dove did today, but since there are many of them I will write the rest later.


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