Happy Vishu

‘’Wake up, wake up!’’ mom was calling me ”it’s Vishu. don’t you want to see the beautiful Vishukani?” I jumped out off bed. Whenever an exciting thing come, all my mother has to do is to say it and I would be out off bed in a second.

For several days we have been waiting for this day to come.  She covered my eyes and took me to the dining room.

There was the beautiful Vishukani, filling the room with light. There were raw mangoes, coconut, kindi, tulasi, a rose, nirapara, and a few vegetables. And then the picture of Lord Guruayappa.  

Vishu is also my favorite day because of vishukaineettam. Today I got vishukaineettam from my parents. I can spend this myself and nobody is going to stop me!

Last night, when I went to bed, my parents were busy preparing vishu kani. I was more excited, I could not get sleep for some time. I was thinking, thinking, thinking, until my thoughts vanished and I went to sleep.  

Mom is preparing some yummy food like payasam (kheer) and ada. Yum,yum here I come!

Wish you all a nice and prosperous Vishu.


  1. tapu says it is fantastic reading and he also experienced the same though he could not write it. keep it up chechi/ tapu


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