Fishy News!

Dad gave me the idea that maybe we should buy two pet fishes. And because of that I have been reminding him all day, so that he would not forget. At last we went to a pet shop. There were cats, cocks and fishes etc. The cats were white and fluffy. There were two roosters and many types of fishes.  Sometimes one of the roosters would go cock-a-doodle-doo!

We chose a bowl and took 4 small fishes. One is silver color fish, Dad has named it Silvy. The black one was named by Mom as Leela. The rest were named by me. One is Lily, it is very easy to recognize it because its backbone can be seen clearly. The other one is Goldie. I will post a picture later.

One day, we went to the hospital to get my Mom’s eyes checked. The doctor told she needs spectacles. Previously another doctor had told the same thing. We had bought her a spectacle. But the main problem was Mom keeps telling she needs them but she never wears it. But if she is watching a movie you could see her with her spectacles looking seriously at the movie.

Mom’s best friend aunt Dalia is coming tomorrow from India. Mom is very excited.

Just recently I saw a very funny and silly thing that even a small baby could say. I was watching the news and suddenly it showed like this.

“Breaking news!! Mahendra Singh Dhoni shaved his head.” In the news I could clearly see his bald head glittering in the sunlight.  

I thought “what a silly thing to be breaking news”. I wondered, “Why do they think that shaving somebody’s head is very important. I have seen lots of people looking like that.”


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