No more junk food

For some days I have been ill. I could not sleep properly at night. Because of this cold I could not go swimming with my friends, which I love to do. If only they had filled the swimming pool after my cold went I could have been happy. Every night, my nose gets blocked and I keep sniffing and make my parents awake.

Yesterday uncle Biju and aunt Deepa came from India with their new born son, Rishik.

This is what happened:

We decided that Mom should stay back home because otherwise it would be congested in the car and would make the baby uncomfortable.

The baby, Rishik was asleep on his mother’s lap. Sometimes I kept looking back to see if he was awake. He would mutter some sounds in his sleep and would make me think he was awake.

I did a wonderful drawing by myself and made my parents proud. The teacher said it looked beautiful and I was very happy. I showed it to some of my classmates, to make them say “wow!”.  At least now you know the reason why I am keeping the photo here.

Junk food is now banned in every school canteen. It makes me sad. Imagine, not being able to eat anything you want from the canteen. I wonder if they will give healthy food such as dosa, iddali, chatni etc.

First I thought that food like pastries, pizza, burgers and fizzy drinks Pepsi, Mirinda etc. were available.  But NO, I think every child is suffering, except the small children who are not the age to go school now.

Just now when I was writing this, a happy news came. India won the 2011 world cup!!!! Let me watch TV, bye bye...


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