Happy Easter

We decided to call the dove “whitey”.

We set whitey loose, so that we could see whether it was flying or not. Whitey walked forward. He flew a little but could not go high. That meant he was just recovering. Me and my friends Tolha, Aisha and Nichiketh were excited. We went slowly after the bird so that we wouldn't scare it.

The dove then went to aunt Jyoti’s house. There it put out a dropping. We all laughed. Then it went to the next house. It repeated the same thing! And because of all the laughter our friend Remya came out. She was astonished and tried to touch the bird.

Now it was heading for a path between the houses. Uncle Joshi caught it in his hands and took it to the hencoop. We locked it in after giving it a final pat. Aisha had got scared when she saw the dove and had gone home.

Yesterday we had an Easter party in our compound. After a short prayer we cut the cake.  The eldest boy of our compound Albin ate a small slice of cake. The reason was he wanted to eat all the food on the buffet. There were ice-creams, fizzy drinks and variety of food. 

There were even some of my favorites like butter chicken and porotta.


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