Toothy Problem

Good News!! There is a new Dunkin Donuts factory in front of our house. The workers are just building it. I am sure that the smell of donuts will come to our house every single day. Lovely! I could smell it and always feel hungry.

Yesterday was Divya Chitta’s marriage and everyone said it was superb. I wish I was there. Now it is September, only October will have to pass and then I would be in India.

Most of the days we phone my grandparents. It is always raining heavily in India. Luckily, in November it would be a fine weather. I am also looking forward to ride my Grandpa’s new scooter. He had promised that we two could ride in it. There is a Shiva temple near my Grandpa’s house. Every evening we go there to pray and chat with Grandpa’s friends.

Two days back my molar tooth got pulled out. It was shaking a little. So that day me and Dad tugged and pulled until it finally came out. Then we went out and ate ice-cream.  My poor Dad couldn’t eat because his throat was sore. But my mother ate it even though it wasn’t her tooth that got pulled out!


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