Engagement at Delhi

Uncle Arvind is getting married to Aunt Paromita. We saw their pictures today.

The engagement is going to be in Delhi. And it is perfect timing because it is going to be in November. So hopefully, I would be able to go Delhi and attend the engagement. And it is a good luck because I was planning to go to a few tourist attractions like Qutub minar, Taj Mahal, Nehru planetarium, Dolls museum and India Gate. There are three more reasons.

No. 1.   These all are really good tourist attractions.
No. 2.  It is about time friends start calling me lucky.
No. 3.  I could get my mind out of the holiday homework.

Some days back I was checking the map of Delhi on the computer. And you wont believe it, there was place called “kundi”!!! (“kundi” in Malayalam means your butt J)

Dad got five days holidays because Ramadan is ending. So he is really cheerful.

We bought loads of dresses and swim suite for me to get ready for going India. We also bought some for my small cousins.


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