Nasty Cold :-(

School reopened, but we didn’t learn anything, so it was total free time. Eeshta gave me a friendship band because during the holidays she thought of me, me, me … Many of my classmates are still in India, out of 20 only 13 are present.

My parents made some cabbage soup because I have got a nasty cold and I can’t stand it. I have to blow my nose 50 times a day.. hacheeeeee.. hacheeee..

I got a holiday Wednesday because of Saudi National Day. Well that’s a relief. I can get rid of my cold, thanks to Saudi National Day!

One night my friend Malu came to visit me with her baby sister Devu. We wanted to play badminton but some adults were playing, so we just watched them. I kept my badminton racket and shuttlecock on a bench in the ground. Soon my friends wanted to go back to my home, but I forgot about the rackets! We went home, played few games and they left by midnight. After sometime when Dad asked me about the rackets I was speechless. So I went to pick them. But after some steps near my house, I felt someone was following me. But I was scared like a rabbit and didn’t stop walking till I reach the ground. There was a cool breeze and the moon was bright with a few shining stars. The plants made eerie shadows. I felt like a rat scurrying across the yard. Soon I heard footsteps behind. I stopped, turned back, and jumped like a kangaroo when I saw somebody in front of me.  But I was relived when I saw Mom!

On the way back she told me never to forget my rackets again.


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