Out till midnight

Dear diary,

School’s going to open tomorrow after long summer vacation. That means all the fun has finished and back to studies. I am very happy because I have finished my holiday homework. As I said in my last blog, it’s about time people started calling me lucky!

Last night was full of fun. As Nichiketh and Niharika came back from India, we all were able to play well. Nichiketh’s friend Melvin was there too. Melvin is in my Malayalam class. We played Hide-and-seek, Badminton, Football and Cricket.

After playing cricket, Niharika and her parents had to go to the hospital for something.  While playing football, I and the others spotted a cat with something in its mouth. So there was a wild goose chase behind it. Nichiketh found out it was a rat. But we still weren’t sure. After some more chasing, when we were talking, a family came to visit our neighbour aunt Coco  and uncle Loy. They had a girl named Tina and she too was in 4th standard. Soon we saw a kitten. Then we realized that it wasn’t a rat that the cat carried, it was the kitten!

We then played till mid night.


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