Movie, Marriage and Kiwis

Dear Diary,

Last two days I woke up early, without even Mom waking me up because there were Harry Potter movies at 9:30 AM on cartoon network. The boy who acts as Harry is Daniel Radcliffe. The author of Harry Potter books is Joanne Kathleen Rowling  or J.K. Rowling.

Today I saw Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. Last two days were the sorcerer’s stone and the chamber of secrets. While I was watching it Mom and Dad called Divya chitta’s mother. Divya chitta (chitta means aunt) had gone to the beauty parlor to put mehandi on her hand.  She is going to be married on Friday. I miss all the marriages in Kerala including the tasty food and payasam (payasam is desert). 

Mom told me that uncle Sanju is going to New Zealand. He is a cardiac surgeon. Aunt Karthi and his baby Indu are also going. Indu is a one year old baby and very cute. I saw her at a marriage, she had two ponytails and was in a playful mood.

My GK book says that the people from New Zealand are lovingly called Kiwis because they love eating kiwifruit (Kiwi is my favorite fruit too!).  Today we found in internet that it is not because of fruit, but because of the bird Kiwi. I wonder which one is correct!

Dad said New Zealand is also famous for its diary products.  I learned in Social Studies that Edmund Hilary the first to climb Mount Everest was born in New Zealand.

For two days Dad is been ill, so he couldn’t play or swim with me. He also goes to office late.


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