One year at GPS

Well, folks! I’m back in Riyadh!

Tenth grade flew by very fast. I can hardly believe that another year is over. I just have two more years of school left.

The one year I spent at Global Public School was fantastic. It was a complete change, which was something I hadn’t got a taste of in a long time. I made a lot of new friends, and went through new experiences.

Initially, I was plenty nervous about the idea. It was one thing to change school in the same country, so moving to a new school in another country was, well, nerve-racking. Never mind the fact that I went to India for at least a vacation of two months every year; the only year I had actually studied there was second grade.

The day before the beginning of the academic year, students were required to come to the school auditorium with their family, where there would be a welcoming session, and then proceed to their classrooms where instructions on dress code, behaviour and other concerns would be given.

My grandparents and I went together, and I got my first good look of the school. When we found the way to my class, I realized the rest of the kids who had bored expressions on their faces were going to be my classmates for the year. And I was the only new student, which was kind of disappointing, because my strategy was to quickly become friends with someone probably just as disoriented as I was. But there seemed to be no such luck.

Later, I found out I was the only new student in the entire GRADE, let alone class. So people got to know about me, even if I didn’t know them.

I managed to be late for class the very first day, owing to the fact that I had accidently left my school bag outside the auditorium for the morning assembly, and had forgotten to take it with me. I was halfway to my class before I remembered. It was a complete Oh dang! moment, followed by me throwing insults mentally at myself. But I managed to find a girl I presumed to be one of my classmates, and told her I’d forgotten my bag and needed someone who knew the way. Thankfully, she came along with me. I told her my name was Janaki on the way, she told me hers was Bisna, and we later became great friends.

The first day I was pretty lonely. My classmates and I had made small talk, but considering the fact that I had only been there for a couple of hours, I hadn’t still been able to actually count on someone, so I walked alone to the cafeteria and came back to class before everyone else. The most hyperactive person I met that day was Bisna’s friend Vaishnavi from the next section who told me to be careful of one of our teachers as she had kicked Vaishnavi out of class since she hadn't brought her book.

On the second day, Neha and Angela invited me to sit with them along with one of their best friends from another class, Vedika. From then on we used to sit and chat together along with Bisna not only at lunch, but also in class. Although we were friends with the other girls in our class, it was the four of us; Neha, Angela, Bisna and me.

But despite everything, I missed Riyadh. A lot. I missed how my parents and I would try out new restaurants, or shop in the malls and go out for walks.

However, I completely don't regret my one year, and I will never forget the fun times I had with my class.


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