Global Public School | Class Photo 2016-17

At GPS, one of the many memorable moments happened on the day the class photo was to be taken.

We were all required to be in our formal uniforms, brush our hair, shine our shoes, wear our ID cards and in other words, look as presentable as possible on the specified day.

Us girls managed to clean ourselves up quite nicely. But to say the same about the boys would be very, very wrong.

We could see the smoke coming out of our class teacher’s ears as she frantically flapped her arms in order to get the point across.

“Rohit, you caveman, get a comb, right now! And you, where’s your ID card? And why do YOU still look asleep?”

Questions were shot at each boy rapidly as they made a mad dash to the restrooms.

When they finally got back, patting their hair down, they each got a death glare before we were herded downstairs.

While we were waiting, we got the news that the photo was candid, meaning, the photo was going to be in contrast to regular class photos where we were made to stand in solemn rows.

“Great.” our teacher said “Now everyone will get a chance to see just how unprepared and messy you are.”

At that exact moment, the ID card hanging around Nouffin’s neck committed suicide and fell to the floor, as if it knew that the owner was already going to look terrible.

We were already laughing, and at this, we kinda roared. He quickly bent to pick it up, and looked at the card sorrowfully.

Finally, we all assembled together, in preparation for the photo. We were standing on the lush green lawn, which would be a beautiful background, and because of the fact that this was the first time a candid photo was taken, everyone was a little unsure. I’m pretty confident that it was the first time a group of teenagers did not know how to actually casually strike a pose for a photo.

But, at the end, we all did manage to look cool while photos were being snapped. And after the session, the photographers just barely managed to hold on to their cameras as teenaged girls tried to grab them away to see the snaps.

It was pretty chaotic, and when we trudged away, Govind and another boy managed to fall face-down on the grass and stay there stunned for a few seconds before dusting themselves off and wandering away like nothing had ever happened in the first place.

But we were chuckling, all the way upstairs, knowing that one of the most anticipated days was over.


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