Great news! Nando's has finally come to Riyadh!

It was a long time ago, but I vaguely remember Mom pulling up Google Maps on her laptop and typing frantically to check if there was any branch of Nando's in our city, or the next.

But now, a Nando's has come up just five minutes away from our home, which means Mom’s prayers have finally been answered.

It was very unexpected, and Mom and I got this bit of news from Dad while we were still in India, which only proceeded to me requesting Dad if he could book tickets at the earliest date possible, so that we could fly over immediately after the exams.

We had lunch yesterday from the aforementioned restaurant, and the wait was definitely worth it. The restaurant also had a really cheerful atmosphere and was pretty lively.

My parents and I love peri-peri chicken more than fried chicken because it is more healthy and juicy, plus you don’t get tired of it easily.

There are other restaurants, though, which also serve peri-peri chicken. I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts about another place, Veri Peri Portuguese Grill, where we would have dinner during the weekends. In Kerala, the food court of Lulu mall held Galito, which had the symbol of a proud chicken.

Yet, as frequent diners, we feel it is still hard to beat Nando's.


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