Winter vacation, big hero ...

It’s been a week into the winter vacation, and I have one more left.

Dad makes it a point to wake me up every morning. Switching on the lights and creating all kinds of noise is the new way of making me roll off my bed and walk sleepily with my eyes closed.

I still can’t believe 2015 is just a few days away from being over. I feel this year ended waaayyyy too quickly.

There are so many things that happen at the beginning of every new year. It’s like tradition- I will write 2015 on my notebook next year, then realize what I did, and try to convert the 5 into a 6.

Then when I start 10th grade, I will write IX-B, realize what I did, and cross the extra line out.

Then, I will tell everyone I study in ninth grade, catch myself, and say tenth.

I watched “Big Hero 6” a few days back. I had missed almost every opportunity I had to see it till then, so, I felt triumphant at the end.

“Big Hero 6” is one of the many movies where it is absolutely embarrassing to tell anyone you haven’t seen it, because it is famous enough for everyone to know its name or have seen it at least twice. Others include “Despicable me”, “Madagascar”, “Ice Age” et cetera et cetera.


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