Rainy Week

Finally, finally, my FA-3 exams got over. It felt like I’d been having them for a year.

Last week was a rainy week. After the first two exams, everyone was texting each other of how there was a 99.9% chance of there being a holiday the next day. Our class Whatsapp groups were the most active. Where normal people would wish for the rain to stop, everyone in Riyadh was begging for a thunderstorm, some lightning, hailstones, or any other freakish weather phenomena, just to stay home from school.

Some people had contacts with teachers as well, so they were kind enough to keep us updated.

“Hey guys! Our math teacher just told me that we have a holiday tomorrow! Wheee!!!”

“Really, are you sure?!!!”

Then a screenshot of the conversation would be sent, and everyone would change their Whatsapp status to something regarding the blessing of the rain.

An hour later, the principal’s message would reach our phones, and that would be circulated around the Internet.

This happened for two days. On the third day, the message was;

Schools are declared closed due to heavy rain in Al- Kharj and Qassim. Rest of Riyadh, go pack your school bags.

I had never read a more depressing message in my entire life. 


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