My sports career

This week has been a very busy one.

On Sunday the juniors had their drill in advance for sports day, Monday and Tuesday were Sports Days, Wednesday (I stayed at home and slept till 11) was the talent show…..

It’s been the most exciting week by far. And guess what? Starting this Sunday, we have two weeks of winter holidays. Holidays, in my opinion, is the best word in the English dictionary. (Well, second best. Food comes first. Exam comes last).

Anyway, we had our march past yesterday. After winning the last year’s competition, I was hoping the same would happen this year as well, so I stepped in.

There was a long queue of students trying out for the march past. But it was mostly the students who got selected last year that were selected this year. Mainly because no one could master the perfection of marching as we could (I discovered marching for a few days sticks for a long time. Even after the march past competition was over last year, I marched everywhere without realizing it.)

My house, Tabuk, didn’t practice much this year. But Hijaz house was doing pretty well. We were actually beginning to get worried, even though everyone asked us not to do like this during the competition (They meant it in a good way. Well, good for us, not for them).

We really wanted to win this year. So we implanted in ourselves the spirit of sportsmanship and marched. Get this- we actually won. This is a real-life experience that proves if you want something, just wish for it and you will get it.

I have never been good at sports (other than badminton). The last time I was selected for Sports Day for something other than March past was five years back for Balancing the Book. And yes, it is exactly like how it sounds- the first person to cross the finish line without dropping their book while balancing it on their head, wins.

I was the third person to drop my book.

Then I was a substitute the next year for Bouncing the Ball (first person to cross the finish line while dribbling the ball without losing it wins).

This is the sad story of my sports-lacking life. But then, huzzah! Badminton saved the day. Now I can actually do something in P.E. period.

Of course, due to me being tall, everyone assumes I am good in basketball and excellent in long jump. The sad truth being a big, fat, NO.

This is why, whenever someone sadly admits that they are horrible in sports, I say “I know how you feel, pal” and pat them on their back.


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