Looking for Nando's in Riyadh?

Update: Great news! Nando's has finally come to Riyadh!

It’s not Nando's, but it’s the next best thing- Veri Peri Portuguese Grill!

Dear readers, you know the passionate love for the restaurant ‘Nandos’ that my family and I hold ever since we tried it for the first time in London when I was six  years old.  After we reached Riyadh, Mom searched the Internet for Nandos. No luck. Nandos didn’t exist in Riyadh.

But then BAM! 6 months back, Veri- Peri Portuguese Grill started itself about a mile away from our home. We tried it out for the first time today. Can I just say it was TAS-TY.  And it’s already popular. The restaurant was teeming with people when we got there.

Just like the menu said, the chicken was juicy and had our favorite Peri-Peri sauce.  The chicken is soaked overnight with the sauce which is why it’s so delicious.

If you are a Nando's lover living in Riyadh (hi-five), this is the place for YOU.


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