Crêperies and Sausages

During our stay at Paris, we stayed at Novotel Tour Eiffel Hotel, which was less than a kilometer from the Eiffel tower. Every day started with a glimpse of Eiffel tower.

On our first day, when we were on our way to see the tower, and Mom was ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ at everything, Dad’s sensitive nose sniffed a dog. A hot dog, in fact.

The street food of Paris is great, and Dad got attracted to them like a fly to a light bulb.

We tried a crepe, which was nutella spread on a pancake, only that the pancake was pretty thin and on our choice, they would chop bananas or strawberries and keep them inside too. On our first try, we only bought one, so Dad and I got a molecule and Mom devoured the rest. No wonder experience is a difficult teacher.

When we went to the Louvre museum, it was drizzling and strong cold winds kept slapping us in the face. Dad and I ran for shelter while Mom stood there in the open and wrestled with our umbrella. I called ‘Mom! Stop trying to open it and run already!’ But Mom just stood there yelling our names and trying not to let it fly out of her hands.

In the end, as we dumped our broken umbrella inside the dustbin, we couldn’t help but stare at the dozens of other broken umbrellas inside. As we passed a couple wrestling an umbrella, I thought silently, You are the next victim.


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