Walking-Talking Wikipedia Mom

Mom was extremely excited about going to France and she had spent lot of days finding information and must-sees. We prepared a long list before going, so that every day went according to schedule. A day at Disneyland. A day of bus-tour. A day at the Palace of Versailles. More and more.

The day we went to the museum we took a cab. Dad said ‘Louvre musee’ in 50 different ways ( Loove museum? Lure museum? Loovi museum???!! No?!)  till the driver got hold of the idea. He dropped us off right in front of it.

Inside, there were hundreds of paintings, even on the ceiling and many sculptures. We stared in awe and went in the direction of the most famous exhibit- the Mona Lisa.

The ‘Mona Lisa’ was tiny compared to other paintings but half of the tourists in the museum were pushing and fighting their way through to see it. Most of them ignored the others.

When we got outside, it was really cold and we thought about taking the bus tour.

We had to go on a BigBus so as we wondered where the bus station was, Ta-Da! A BigBus came and stopped in front of us. Mom practically ran towards it. So we had to run behind her as well.  That’s when we actually saw that the bus was waiting at a traffic signal. Oops.

It was a good thing we kept a separate day for the Palace of Versailles. According to our walking-talking Wikipedia a.k.a Mom, it was really big, which was an understatement. It was massive and full of elegance and splendor.


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