Journal de Paris

Hello! Did you miss me? I went on a trip to …..(drum roll please)……Paris!

The three of us had been wanting to go there for a long time. Especially Mom. So this winter vacation, we stayed there for 9 fun days.

Let me just say that if my French pronunciation is rusty, it’s Mom’s fault. She said Les Invalides the way we say invalid with ‘s’ at the end and pronounces Les as ‘less’. She said a lot of words that way and got annoyed when I corrected her. 

I had bought a small French book with a lot of the basic words in it, so I practiced my Bonjour, Merci and s'il vous plait. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to use them, but Dad did after learning from me.

The highlight of our trip was when we went to Disneyland on our last day. When we went on the Pirates of Caribbean ride, our boat went downhill fast and the camera flashed in front of us. We were right in the front seat with about 10 people behind us in the other seats. In the photo, Dad’s eyes were wide and his mouth was open and he looked terrified. I could not stop myself from laughing out loud, and could not prevent giggling when I thought of it framed on the wall as a family photo. Mom tried to not laugh too, unsuccessfully.

We reached home 6 AM today, and I was pretty much nodding off already. I usually don’t sleep at a stretch in airports or planes, I just sleep whenever I get the chance. Having a TV with some good movies in it pretty much kills my chance of sleeping on the plane.

My journey to Paris shall be discussed more in the other posts, because now I am sleepy.

Bonne année - Happy New Year!  


  1. Hope you had a fun filled trip...awaiting detailed Paris stories....

    1. Thank you Valyachan. I will write more in coming days. Regards to Valyamma & Ramu.

  2. Happy New Year Janaki.... Looking forward for more Paris stories

    1. Happy 2015 Rashmi Chitta!

      School reopened today. I will write more in coming days.


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