The long haul and lollipop

I am just so happy today!!!!

We went to Jarir bookstore and bought two of some of my top favorite books.

I finished "The Long Haul" and it was really funny. I just want to say that Greg and his family should avoid road trips. I have never heard of such a complicated trip.

When Nida was reading "House of Hades", she did not want anyone to ruin the story for her. She probably should not have said that, 'cause that just made everyone tells her the plot while she plugged her fingers inside her ears. The conversation went something like this:

Manasy:      See, at the end, Percy and Annabeth are…
Nida:          Stop it!
Me:             They get…
Nida:           I hate you!

It was the same for Manasy while reading "Allegiant".

Me:              Something really big happens at the end.
Manasy:       I don't want to hear about it!
Rakshanda:  Tris dies.
Manasy:       Aaaargh!!
Me:              Its true.
Manasy:       La La La.. I can't hear you!!!

Ever since Dad bought his Nexus 5 with KitKat, he spends his time on it and still he hasn't discovered about all its features. Today morning, he got the new Android “Lollipop".

We are guessing about the next name of android starting with M, and Mom said “Muffin”, I said “Maltesers” or “M&M”, and Dad said “Milkshake”.


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