Aaahhh! Memories ....

Do you know that we are going to have a trip to Al- Hokair next week? We had gone there before 2 years back .Chandana and I can describe our experience so well and vividly you would think it happened only 2 years ago.

Anne has gone to India this year and joined a school there. We miss her but we still stay in contact through Gmail and Whatsapp. On the previous trip to Al-Hokair, her hands were overflowing with all types of goodies. She had cotton candy, a few roses, some packets of chicken popcorn and a wonky hat and was juggling all of them. She left to buy more but not before she gave me and Chandana two packets of chicken popcorn to hold. She wanted to take everything back home.

But me and Chandana really didn’t get the part of “holding”. So we said a ‘thanks’, and were wolfing down chicken popcorn while watching people scream on a scary ride called Can-Can. It whirls around really fast and the rider’s seats also go way back, so for some time you can see their feet. We waved at them as we watched Aamna, Linda and Avantika scream their heads off.

When Anne came back, she was like “Waaiitt!!” and we looked at her with our mouths full, confused. Then only after she explained did we understand.

And then we had gone on this ride called Hollywood, and it nearly turned our legs into jelly. We all had our arms around each other, not knowing who was supporting whom. A girl’s shoe also had flown off. I was saying “O Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna!”

Chandana says this time she wants to go on the roller coaster. She wants me to try it with her. I said no, I wouldn’t go on the roller coaster even in my dreams. But I would be there to give her my ring which has a picture of Krishna on it, wish her good luck and watch her scream “Stop the ride!!!!”. I am an awesome BFF.

Then again there’s Columbus, which is a pretty common ride. It is a big ship which goes to and fro really high. When Mom and I once went on it in a mall when I was 6, she had never tried another ride again.

I am also going to buy cotton candy. Last time Chandana had bought it. We planned on eating it in the class, but since Aamna felt like she was going to throw up after going on Can-Can, we had to take the cotton candy out of it’s over and give the cover to her.

Once, Chandana’s brother bought a chick from a mall. He wanted to give it some freedom and let it wonder outside their villa in the compound. A few minutes later, the chick, which was outside their  home, was now inside the belly of a vicious cat. 


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