Black Friday

Sunday my FA-3 is starting. I’m just praying it gets over soon. After that we have our winter vacation for which I will be spending my time doing “Aaaaaaagh………” and relaxing.

Now that I have finished ‘Blood of Olympus’ too, I think it’s a bit sad that Leo’s friends never really found out he was alive.

Apparently today is “Black Friday”. If you stand outside a shop in the US, you will probably get trampled.

Last evening at badminton class, our teacher made me and Raksha as team captains. One thing you should take care of- always try to win. Otherwise all the blame goes to you.

But we were able to win 2 games out of 3.

Once, Anne was a captain at school in our group for a project, There were an overall of 4 team captains in the class. Anne had me and Chandana too in her team. We weren’t really worried because we had all this right in the bag, but Anne was a bit nervous when it was time for submission. We didn’t make her feel better when we asked our teacher if Anne was the one who would get the blame instead of us if our project messed up. She said ‘Yes’.

My Dad always tells me that I wait till the last minute to do projects that need his help. But, seriously, is Saturday 10:3 pm that late for remembering something. Is it? Is it?


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