Hello again, AlHokair Land!

Chandana and Nanditha screamed as their ride turned them upside down and continued to whirl. I watched them on it along with some of our other classmates, feeling amused. Chandana had asked me to come on it. I had said ‘no way’ after watching it turn the riders upside down, sideways and still continue whirling. I knew I would puke if I went on it.

Chandana looked just terrified, and she was holding her restraint really tightly, and Nanditha was no more different.

After they got out, they looked like they had been in a mini- tornado that had thrown them off later. Chandana’s hair was looking like she had an electric shock. Nanditha was hugging her stomach.  Terrin nearly fell on me.

Nanditha told me later while we were at the end of the long queue for the boat ride “You can’t be scared of every ride. You could have come with us.” I remembered their frightened expressions and laughed “Yeah, you guys had a lot of fun on that last ride, right?”  

We then went on Hollywood. We had gone on it last time too, and my legs had nearly flown off. I didn’t see why Chandana and Nanditha wanted to go on it so badly again, but I went on it anyway.

This time my legs were no problem but my arm muscles had started to pain. I had grown much taller than the last time, so I didn’t slide off and my legs did not swing that much either. But I had been holding my restraint really tightly.

I really wanted to go on the ghost ride, so we went to “Treasures of Africa.” It was kind of like a circular ride, not like the train we usually see. Each could carry 4 people and it would slowly whirl so that we would be able to see everything from all sides. I, Chandana, Nanditha and Suha went on. I didn’t really see how zombies and mummies could be treasures though. It didn’t scare us at all, but it was actually kind of fun. We laughed at a flamingo that turned suddenly when we got close. We stared at a mummy lying in a swinging hammock. We pointed at a gorilla that jumped up like a jack-in-the-box.

Of course no one could forget the bumper cars either. My car did not go straight, it went reverse because the steering wheel was not right. I bumped other people more than they bumped me.

I had brought 40 riyals I had been saving and used 10 to buy a small pocket fan that really lit up when it worked. I just loved it. Others bought necklaces and other stuff or got temporary tattoos.

We were just goofing around in school today. Tomorrow there is the talent show. Alaina and Nabila were practicing for a song they were doing together. When the microphone was on, I snatched it from Alaina and said ‘Testing  1,2,3….”. Rabia grabbed it and said ‘’Sup’? And when Alaina got it back and said ‘What is wrong with you all?!’ everyone heard it. 


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