Trip to Malaysia: A missed field trip

Our school, instead of usually taking us to theme parks or the rides at malls, has planned a 5-day trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  

We were all like “WHAT??!! NOOO!! AAWWW!!!” 

Our class was in a state of depression, confusion and anger. This was because of three reasons-

A) We did not want to go somewhere alone for 5 days, without our parents.

B) We already knew what the answer would be when we would go home. “NO”.

C) We had just missed a field trip and now we would have to wait till next year.

My Grandpa told me, “You are not yet old enough to go to another country alone, but we can always go together as family.”

After seeing the movie “The Conjuring”, I avoided doors, closets, taking long showers, staying somewhere alone for more than 30 seconds, thinking about the scariest parts of the movie and a lot more. But that was only for a few days, thankfully. I was already getting tired of my father doing “Boo!” to me and me screaming.

I was describing the beginning of the movie to Chandana who had missed that part, and when I said “Boo!”-

“Aaaaagh! Janu, I will kill you if you do that again!”

I got a look that said “Why would you scare me like that? “, plus a shove for all my trouble.

The latest book I have read is “The Hunger Games”, by Suzanne Collins. In a way, the writing and the plot resemble “Divergent”. Everything is full of action. In “Divergent”, Tris knows how to use a gun. In “The Hunger Games”, Katniss uses a bow and arrows.


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