Horror movie at weekend party

The music got faster. But the scene was very slow. Slowly, then slowly from inside the TV -


The people watching the movie-


My classmates and I were at Faiza’s home, where we were watching “The Conjuring”. Out of the 17 people in the class, there were 9 of us lying on the bed and holding each other’s hands and screaming occasionally. Our other classmates had not been able to come.

Originally, the party timings were 5-7:30 but everyone stayed till 9:30. We phoned our parents telling them we would be late.

In one of the last parts, where some people with cameras come to record the ghosts, Rakshanda said “O cute guy, your youth should be not wasted. Try not to die. Please save your awesomeness.” Fortunately for Rakshanda, he did not die.

Chandana was squeezing my hand. Sauda was squeezing my other hand. This meant that both my hands were occupied. It also meant, both my hands were becoming sweaty.

After we finished half of the movie, we went to the living room and had burgers, biriyani, cake and Coke. The food was really great,especially the biriyani. At the ending of the movie we had ice-cream. No one would stand anywhere alone in the house. Terrin asked Manasy to stand outside the bathroom. When I went to wash my hands, I dragged Rabia with me. Suha seemed to be the only one who was calm.

The part that really creeped us all out was when the movie said that this was based on a true story. That was just about enough for us. We screamed “WHAT??!!”

Last night, after the party, when we got home, I begged my parents to let me sleep with them for just that one night. This morning I washed my face in the kitchen sink and not in the bathroom since there is no mirror in the kitchen.

It’s kind of funny, ‘cause when I looked at my Google+ page this morning, the first post from Tanya was-

“The 5 words that scare the hell out of me in a horror movie are ‘Based on a true story’.”


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