Le Chateau, Riyadh - The Clown Restaurant

Out of all the restaurants I have gone, the weirdest one is definitely Le Chateau. 

With a French name, Italian breakfast and Chinese menu, this is a very confused restaurant.

The food here is just, okay. It’s not really great and it’s not too bad either. The restaurant looks really weird too. After seeing it, I took the opportunity to name it “The Clown Restaurant.”

Just yesterday we had our class assembly. I was for the poem. Nida was doing the anchoring. When it was my turn, my hands were shaking a little while holding the microphone. But I was able to recite the poem smoothly, giving little breaks and saying clearly.

I just don’t know why my hands were shaking. I was not nervous at all.
I am usually put for a song in an assembly. It was actually kind of the first time for me to read something out loud.

A few days back, Chandana and I were in the library and we came across a fat book called “The Book of 5001 Jokes.”

1. Sherlock Holmes- I see you are wearing your winter underwear, Watson.
Watson- Amazing, Holmes. How did you deduce that?
Sherlock Holmes- You forgot to put on your trousers.

2. What do you get when you cross a cacao bean with an elk?
You get a chocolate mousse!

3. What letters would scare a burglar?

And a last one-

4. If a man owns all the cows in Arabia, will he become a milk sheikh?

These were some of the jokes we enjoyed the most. 


  1. French name, Italian breakfast, Chinese menu? Weird.
    I liked the Sherlock Holmes joke the best.
    Btw, I have a blog too! Check it out!! www.rsoundarya0707.blogspot.in

  2. That is an interesting place! I love those jokes, they were super funny,


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