Bathroom raid - A humorous incident

We thought we saw her running into the bathroom with tear-filled eyes. That’s where Alaina, Linda and I went.

When we entered we pounded on every stall, yelling “TERRIN! TERRIN!”

Most of them were empty.

In one of them, a girl who seem to be in third grade poked her head out and looked at us curiously.

When we reach the last stall on the end, we banged on the door and said “Terrin, we know you’re in there. Come out.”

A voice that sounded like Terrin’s replied. “There is no Terrin in here”

Linda said “If you don’t come out, we will come in”.

“I already told you, there is no Terrin in here.”

I thought Linda was going to break down the door, but before she could, a girl, but not Terrin, looked at us and snapped “WHAT!??

We all screamed, Linda shouted a “Sorry!” and we ran out. I don’t think I’ve ever run this fast in my life.

It was Maths class. I was the first to open the door and get in. I saw Terrin sitting there calmly and doing her sums. I wanted to strangle her, but I didn’t get the opportunity.

Later when we told Terrin the story, she laughed a lot and said “If you ever go and looking for me in the bathroom again, I will always be in the third stall”.


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