How 'bout a cheetah cub as Diwali gift?

I can’t believe this!!!  We are going to have Thursday classes in school!!!! Noooo!!! (For those who do not know about Saudi Arabia, here the weekend is Thursday & Friday.)

My Thursday schedule is to sleep and get up late and then study after half an hour.  Afternoon I have to go to my drawing class at 5. Dad said that we would protest against this, so I am not going to attend this Thursday class. 

But when we saw the circular that said our field trip is on next Sunday, it lifted our spirits up. 

Oh, and Happy Diwali!!

Tomorrow we have a holiday because of Diwali. And on Wednesday we are also allowed to wear colour dress.  Yaaaaay!!!!!!! I am so excited.

Dad had subscribed National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler’s magazine and National Geographic Kids magazine for me. In one ofthem the following line was written;

‘Cheetahs remain highly fashionable in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, where a cub can fetch upwards of $10,000. A rich, young man buys himself a cheetah to go with his sports car” ’

Did you hear that?

During Eid holidays Dad showed us the desert where he and some friends at his office had gone once at night. “It is very nice to see” he said. So we all went to see it.That part of the desert was near the airport. While we drove on, a car passed us and we were startled to see a cheetah cub looking at us through the window! It was sitting on the man who was driving and had perched it’s paws on his arm.

So you can call this as a coincidence.

The desert was beautiful with curvy sand dunes and smooth golden sand. The only sad thing was since people came to picnic there, they had thrown rubbish here and there.


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