Jerry in my room

“The movie we are about to watch is a classic Iranian movie“, Dad said. He was talking about “Children of Heaven

The movie started and the three of us watched intently.

It was a very touching movie, about 2 children who struggle with 1 pair of sneakers after a boy Ali loses his sister Zahra’s only pair of shoes.  They belonged to a poor family.

Then Ali tries to win the 3rd prize in a race because the 3rd prize was sneakers. But he ends up winning 1st prize instead. 

We all enjoyed the movie.

Dad told me a joke today. It was really funny. Look…….

A family who did not know English very well went to London. In their room at their hotel, they found a mouse scurrying underneath their bed. The man called the front desk.

Man – “Uh, hello”

Manager – “How can I help you?’’

Man (thinks for a while) – “Um, you know ‘Tom and Jerry’?

Manager (surprised) – “Yes sir”

Man – “Jerry is here”

I laughed aloud when I heard this. 


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