Annual Day at DPS Riyadh

There was a red carpet on the floor. There were girls on 1 side and the boys on the other. Everyone started clapping as Kabir Bedi walked on it……

It was annual day in our school yesterday. Kabir Bedi was the chief guest. Me, Safana, Mizna and some other boys and girls were standing and watching him go. We all were really stunned to see him.

Safana and Mizna were my other friends who too had won the scholar badge and so I was glad that I had a few friends with me.

Our school had built another stage outside the auditorium so Kabir Bedi saw the programs nicely.

The programs were nice with dances and plays. There was Spanish dance, Chinese Dance, African Dance, Puppet dance and many others. Puppet dance was a dance with children holding strings and acting like puppets.

At last Prize distribution came. We all had worries in our mind. We thought “What if I sneeze?” or “What if I cough?”

At last my turn came to get the prize. I took a deep breath and climbed the stage. Kabir Bedi smiled and said congratulations. I smiled back.

After that I hurried down the stage and went to find mom and dad. Everybody congratulated me as I went past. “Janaki S Nair?” a voice called behind me. I twirled back and saw dad and hugged him. Mom was waiting for us in the ground and we all went back home.


  1. Hi Janu,
    Congrats .. wishing you lot more badges,scholerships and many more good things in your way..



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