Gopichan & uncle Venki

When we reached India, there was a huge surprise for me. Gopichan had printed out my blog into the pages of a book. It is really wonderful to see with shiny papers and photos. There were great illustrations by artist Venki uncle which I admired a lot.

We gave some copies of the book to my relatives. They liked them a lot. I even took the book to school and showed my classmates. My class teacher Shagufta ma’am borrowed it for a few periods and read the whole book. My friends told me that the book was great.

I am really grateful to Gopichan and uncle Venki. I promised to myself that if I ever got a chance to meet uncle Venki I will get his autograph.


  1. Uncle Venki is a great Artist, who is very busy every time; but he find some time for doing some illustrations for Janaki’s Dairy….Wow, Janu!


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