Dinner with Rishik

I stared at the food. There was French toast, pancake, tuna sandwich and apple cake. I wondered which I would eat first. The apple cake looked delicious, it melted in my mouth. So yummy! I took another slice. Wow…

It was a ladies and kids party. Our moms chatted while we roamed around. There was tea and juice. I had juice. We did not play anything; nobody was in the mood for playing. The party was for a short time, it was not long before we said good bye.

My exams will start next month. I have to study a lot. After that two weeks holidays, then the sixth grade! I am not getting time to read the books we bought from India. Still I have successfully completed a few like the firework-maker’s daughter, Big nate, Am I the princess or the frog and Sophie the awesome.

Last night we had dinner at Pizza Inn with uncle Biju, aunt Deepa and baby Rishik. The food was great. Rishik was in a playful mood. His mother had ordered a special pizza for him. When the waiter brought pepsi,  Rishik tried to catch it.  

After dinner all of us stood outside for a while. Rishik liked to see cars pass and sometimes “Aaahed” and “Ooohed”.  


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