School news

I don’t have any incident or anything like that to write about, so let me tell you just a few things that are going around here.

Now we have the school assembly in the ground. Want to know why? Actually the girls and boys assembly’s are now separated. So the Girl’s assembly is in the ground while the Boy’s assembly is held in the auditorium itself. To tell you the truth, we girls think that the auditorium is much better. Because it won’t be good for us when it gets really cold outside.   Plus the stage is too small and there is no podium to keep the papers. Our class assembly is on 20th, and our whole class is in it. We do not know how all of us are going to stand on that tiny stage.

All of us girls would have loved it if the boys stood outside in our place, because in our school we detest boys as they keep teasing us and then at the end all of us call each other names  and later everybody gets busted by the teachers. It’s not pleasant.

One of my classmates is going to China. She is my best friend and her name is Eeshta. One day me, another best friend of mine Lynn and Eeshta had our morning snack at Lynn’s table during recess.

Eeshta- “I am going to China next month.”

Me- “ Wow!”

Lynn- “But when you reach there you will forget Hindi, so when you go to India and somebody asks you something in Hindi you will be staring and say ‘Duuuuhhh’!!!!!!”

We could not help giggling at that. 


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