Rain rain don't go away

Nothing much has happened now except that the monthly tests are still going on…

I have 2 more tests, Malayalam and Science. Science was supposed to be on last Tuesday, but it was a holiday ‘cause of heavy rain. The weather forecast said so. But there was no heavy rain, though. The rain was just drizzling or a little more than that. All of us students spent a happy day at home. 

I am going to get a Scholar’s badge. That is a badge you receive if you do well in exams. I will get it for last year exams on Annual day.

Annual day’s chief guest of last year was Kapil Dev. This year annual day will be on first week of January. But the principal is not telling us who the chief guest is this year. He is keeping it as a surprise.

Anyway, as a reward I got a Subway sandwich from my parents (though I haven’t received the badge yet).

Wednesday night Dad had a desert trip. This was a trip from his office and there were only a few people. I couldn’t go, and I was a little sulky.  But it was good I did not go, because Dad came back very late and told us the next morning that it was 5 degrees in the desert.

Man, I should have known that a desert is really cold at night.

There is nothing more for me to write, so I guess this is the end.


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