Riyadh Gallery

I will continue what happened at the field trip.

We got inside Riyadh gallery and as we walked we looked at all the shops. Then we climbed up the escalator. It was fun. The children’s play area was Oceanica. 

I, Aamna, Lynn and Safana were a group. The first ride we went on was the bumper cars. We love bumper cars like hell. So each of us climbed into a car and then started to have a happy time dashing each other!

Then we went to another ride. Its name was pirate ship or something, I really don’t remember. It is mostly in the form of a ship. It is like a swing only that it is much scarier. It goes to and fro high. Me and my gang were sitting at the last seat so when the ship swung backward, when we looked down we felt like we were going to fall down any minute. I enjoyed because I kept my head bent down so I only felt like I was flying, but Lynn kept yelling and screaming in my ear.  

Lynn, Aamna, and Safana went on the boat ride but I didn’t want to so I just strolled around until they came back.

Then we went on another ride which wasn’t that scary. It simply went round in the air, then it would suddenly stop and go up and down, up and down.

There was another ride called drop tower. It would go up, and then come down like climbing downstairs.

Aamna and Lynn went on the rollercoaster, but me and Safana did not. They went on it about 3 times, and by that time me and Safana were impatient.

After they finally got out of the rollercoaster, we then went to a ride called fire brigade. The ride went round and you had to squirt water on fake fires.

We then had the mood to go on the bumper cars again and this time we had more fun. Out Maths teacher Princi Ma’am also joined us.

We had our lunch from KFC. Lynn and Rabia bought chicks from the mall. Rabia bought 2 and Lynn 1, which  I had to look after. I taught them how to hold the chicks too.

Some big girls came to our class. One of them I think was Rabia’s sis. She told to Rabia’s chicks “If you scare me I will throw you out of the window !”


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