Trip to Riyadh Museum

“Girls, we are going to have a trip next week” everybody pricked their ears at once. “we are going to a museum” announced our teacher.

 “But why museum” asked a girl. “Malls are more fun”. Oh, for crying out loud, groaned a few girls. But I was very delighted.

Our teacher made a tired face too. “It might be a little boring.”

Now I started having second thoughts, “its okay” I decided.

Back home, I told Mom about the trip. “When we get the notice, please let me go Mom” I begged “pretty please!”

“Don’t make puppy eyes at me” laughed Mom. “You know I let you go on every trip you get into your hands. Till now I have never said NO and anyway it is an educational trip. It will be good for you.”

Sunday, teacher told us to wear abaya (purdah) for the trip because it is compulsory in the museum.

None of us could wait; we all had to buy our abayas.

Finally, the big day came. All of us were dancing in the class showing each other the black dress we wore. Then we went to the auditorium to attend the assembly.  

Later our teacher led us to the busses. Two classes had to go in one bus.

It took us some time to reach there. We gave our bags to an officer in the museum’s entrance who kept them in a safe place.

One side of the museum there was water with fake, hard rocks underneath. The water was very shallow. So we stepped into the water. It only reached until our ankles, but that was enough to make our socks wet.

We entered to the museum hall. The most interesting thing among all the others displayed there was the huge elephant’s skeleton. Long ago these huge beasts once walked over Saudi Arabia.  There was the first hand written book of Islam and a short movie of the wars before.

After we finish seeing things, everybody shouted that they wanted to play in the water again.  There was a huge waterfall and it had a bridge behind it.  There was even a raft.

When we reached back classroom we took off our shoes and started playing around. Ameera’s white socks turned blue, Faiza’s went purple and mine became light pink!


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