Birthday girl

“Finally” I thought “June, the month which holds my birthday has come.”

I was feeling very delighted. I went to the bedroom and saw my parents were discussing something. I asked them “Dad, Mom, what are you discussing?”

“Well” Mom began “we have decided to celebrate your birthday on this Wednesday.”

“What” I almost screamed. I started jumping and skipping around the house.

“Yeaiii.. we are having a party” back Mom told Dad “I wish I didn’t say that”

On Wednesday all the children in the compound came to our home. The children came at 8:30 and adults were invited for 9:00pm. Tolha and Ayesha were the first. Just after they stepped into my room the door bell rang. It was Slomo. As we got inside my room I saw something in Tolha’s hand. “I wonder what you have got for me.”  “it’s a watch” Ayesha declared. “Hey, you are not supposed to say that” I laughed.

At that time Slomo was exploring my room looking at all the little show pieces over there.  One by one came my friends, and I started the rotating disco light inside my room.

After few of my friends arrived we cut the cake which we bought from “Wooden bakery”. All my friends simply loved it.

Albin was the last to arrive. He came after the cake cutting. He had brought a box with him wrapped in colorful paper. There was a small card outside which  says

“Yo, Janaki.
We wish you the best while your birthday is here.
Happy, adventurous and wonderful year. Have fun!!!”

On the back it was written..

“Just for you…
Your dude,

Till now I have not thrown any of these cards. I have just saved them all, even the ones with the fewest words on it.

We had ordered a buffet from a hotel. The food was arranged at the courtyard.  Dad kept few chairs outside. I was a little late because I was helping Ayesha to get some food. So when I went to have a chair all of them were taken. I sat on the steps. Suddenly Raja saw me there. He got up and offered me his chair. “No, it’s ok” I tried to make him change his mind. Finally he said “If you don’t sit on my chair then I am not going to eat this food.” I had to listen to him.

Later we watched the movie “Alvin and the chipmunks - 2”. After everyone left I tore open my gifts.  There were many things, especially watches.

Now I have total of six watches!


  1. Janu,

    belated birthday wishes!

    Biju & Family.

  2. Saw your comments just now.

    Thank you uncle, aunty and especially Rithik.


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