First blog anniversary

June 26th!

Today is a special day. It is my first blog anniversary. I have completed a year of blogging. 

Last night we had dinner at pizza hut and there is a special reason behind it. Guess what it is? I had received full marks for social studies and science in monthly test.

My Dad also gave me 5 riyals as pocket money. I think I have more than 100 riyals now, I am planning to spend this money with my cousins in India and have so much of fun. Just think of it!

I have a pizza shaped scar on my knee. Two days back I tripped over a step and hurt my knee when I went to call my friends out to play.


  1. congratulations janu! keep on blogging for a century :)

  2. Hello Janu
    congrats on the first anniversary and keep goin


  3. Thank you Biju uncle & Kochakka.

    I shall keep on writing and will never forget your encouragement.


  4. Hey Jankiii ,

    Congrats on completing One year of blogging ...

    Keep em coming ......... :)

    Love Prasanth


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