Wednesday Party

Yesterday, we had a party here in our compound. It was at Raja & Rohini’s home. We enjoyed it a lot.

Here is what happened:

Me and my parents were going to their home when we heard somebody calling my name. I turned around and saw my friends sitting on the bench in the playground. I walked towards them. We then decided to play basket ball.

After that when we thought of playing cricket uncle Loy came and told us it was time for dinner. So all of us marched towards their home.

Albin said “I am really worried about my results.”

Raja comforted him “I have confidence that you will fail in maths, but you shall succeed in the other subjects” that made us all laugh.

The party was a buffet. There were few sweets too. Albin played a song in the computer and we listen to it as we had our dinner.

Raja had taken appam and this was what he said about it. “Guys, I just love appam. It is like dosa on the sides and iddali in the middle” making us giggle.

I was the first to finish my food. When I went to take some sweets  I didn’t see any. It didn’t occur to me that all the sweets were closed inside the vessel.  And I decided not to ask about it, because I thought everybody would laugh.


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