My new bike

For a few days, some things have been happening around here. Like, my Mom’s friends visited her or we went to visit them. Some had just returned from India. Mom was very excited, she couldn’t keep her voice down. We could hear her from outside.

Today, we decided it was the perfect day to buy me a cycle. Everyone in the compound had told me that my old cycle was small for me. I knew that if I didn’t change my cycle soon they would NEVER let me hear the end of it.

So, we discovered a bicycle shop and it didn’t take much time to find one. We chose a blue one because blue is my favorite color and I don’t like pink anymore. (I changed my favorite color pink to blue, pink now seems lame.)

The new cycle “TREK” is great, I must say myself. It is from America. You could adjust the speed too. It wouldn’t fit in the trunk of our car. And then came the most terrifying part. We had to make one of the seat bend down. And the bike’s tyre  was on it. I dreaded every minute, praying the cycle wouldn’t fall on me.

We stopped at Nahda park, so that I could test out my new bike.


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