Back to swimming pool

We have a huge drumstick tree in our garden and now it is fully dangling with drumsticks. Mom made drumstick curry with newly grown drumstick, but I never knew it until one day when we were standing outside waiting school bus, I asked.

“When are we going to make a curry out of those lovely drumsticks?”
“We have already done that”, said Mom.

Mom also makes a nice dish with its leaves.

Whenever the wind blows through our window we can see the tree swaying. This helps us know whether the wind is strong or not.

“Yaiyeeee!” After a long winter break I and Dad have finally started swimming. The pool was as clear as crystal.

Yesterday my friends Tolha and Ayesha called me out to play. But I was sleeping. They could not find any other friends too, so they had to return. Later I set out wondering if they would come. I got a huge greeting from Afra and her aunt who had arrived from Qatar. Afra jumped on me. 

Afra is a little girl who has just started school and it is not the time for her to play with us. But she loves to go out. Afra always seems glad to see me, because she pounces or runs at me whenever she spots me. She never let me go.

Later I gave Afra a kiss and took her inside, her mother bid goodbye to me and closed the door quickly. I could still hear Afra crying and trying to open the door.


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