Party, party, party ....

For a few days everything has been exciting.  Three birthday parties in one week - Nichiketh, Devika and Eeshta! This is something I myself can’t believe.

Yesterday, Eeshta’s party was at her home. She lives in Al Waha Compound, in which she recently moved in. Her father had not known the way so well since they were new and the location map they gave us wasn’t very helpful.

Just when we were on the way there came a ringing sound from my Mom’s mobile which was in my pocket. After I fished it out, Mom saw that there was no name, but a number. Mom thought it must be my Grandma from India. So she said to Dad “It is from India.” My father who foolishly ignored the number said “Hey Mom!” but then he heard a voice saying “Hello, Uncle?” Dad, embarrassed, gave the phone to Mom saying “Eeshta, I will give to aunty”. Then Mom spoke attended the call. “Hi Eeshta, yes betta, we are on our way”. After Mom put down the phone we all laughed so much that we almost went into hysterics.

When we reach their home there were Aamna and Safana. Eeshta has a little sister Aashika who is very playful. My friends greeted me with laughter and smiles. Eeshta’s  TV could show us whose car was at the main gate. So while we were exploring their home Eeshta gave us the message that Rakshanda and Rabia (please remember all these girls are my classmates) arrived.   We decided to give them a surprise and hid in the bathroom. We thought that they would never find us there. Later, when we checked if both of them had arrived we saw them standing outside the bathroom.

When we went to the restaurant inside the compound, all of us girls grabbed a bottle filled with cold water. We all said “cheers!” while drinking.

The chocolate cake was looking grand with words written “happy birthday Eeshta” in white icing. We took the cream of the cake and put it on Eeshta’s face. She looked very funny. After wiping her face her father said “Now you can spray the snow-spray” which is a kind of spray used at parties for fun as it gives out soap which looks like snow. When uncle sprayed it some of it fell on the cake. All of us ran to save the cake and covered it with facial tissues.

The buffet was great with varieties of food and sweets.  I stood up and gave toast with a glass of water in my hand “To Eeshta, for inviting us to her wonderful birthday party”. All the adults looked at us as they were sitting in separate tables.

Then we had plenty of fun, we played inside the toy-room with kiddy toys, played water game and went to the compound’s park.

The day ended and Me, Rakshanda, Rabia, Eestha, Aashika, Aamana and Safana had more fun than the grown ups.


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